The Kolmården Public Participation Meeting took place 26-27 March 2011. During the two day event 21 participants in different ages and with differing backgrounds discussed how zoos in general and Kolmården in particular could develop new ways to communicate a conservation message. The first day started with a lecture to involve the group in the EUZOOS project and its four main topics: biodiversity, invasive alien species, ecological connectivity and endangered species. All participants also went on a guided zoo tour, especially focused on four zones of the park with need for improvement from an educational point of view. In the afternoon, divided in three focus groups, the first task for the participants was to identify selection criteria for choosing one of the zones to focus on in the upcoming discussions.
The zone chosen was an exhibit in the ape area that is currently empty but where our aim is to keep lemurs. Accordingly, on the second day the discussions focused on that particular exhibit and on how a conservation message could be communicated around a Madagascar theme. All three focus groups worked very well and it was wonderful to see that all participants contributed to the discussions! The second day of the PPM ended with a short presentation from each focus group where their suggestions on educational activities, materials etc were delivered.
Several good ideas were presented! First of all, there was an agreement between the groups that interactivity is important and that information should be given in small portions, e.g. by using computer screens where you can click on to further information and also receive information on different levels. One group wanted to make an amphitheater out of the exhibit, where the lemurs would be “on stage” together with an educator. Another idea was to organize debates about e.g. invasive alien species. We are now processing all input to identify how we best apply these ideas in building an educational lemur exhibit. The plan is to have the demonstration project in place to the summer season 2012.
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EUZOOS-XXI Newsletter nº4

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Esta quarta edição aborda algumas das recentes actividades integradas na coordenação do projecto EUZOOS_XXI, assim como a divulgação do Concurso Internacional de Arte Biológica.
Relatórios do terceiro e quarto Encontros de Participação Pública e alguns eventos próximos são também aqui incluídos.

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